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Pool Features

Enhancing Your Pool & Spa Richmond, Mechanicsville, Midlothian

From fun to functionality, convenience to protection – Pla-Mor Construction offers the full spectrum of accessories to enhance your pool or spa to the fullest.


Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic pool covers are the best way to safeguard friends and family and protect your investment, ensuring your swimming pool will remain the source of fun and enjoyment it is intended to be. If you already have a pool, or if you’re planning to build one, remember: a pool without a pool cover is like a house without a roof.


Deck Jets & Laminars

Deck Jets use air to shoot streams of water from the deck into the pool. Laminars arc across the swimming pool for an elegant and fun addition to your swimming pool. They make for particularly fascinating water features at night when backlit with LED lights. Your kids will love chasing the glowing water!



Bubblers are fun water features that spout up from shallow pool surfaces like steps and beach entries. When combined with the right aesthetic lighting, they can create striking centerpieces to a variety of swimming pool styles. When placed on a beach entry or tanning deck, they create a fun splash pad for small children and big kids alike.



Hardscape is elements of your pool site made of stone, gravel, etc. that serve as paths and seating areas. Hardscape adds an element of sophistication and beauty to your pool environment. Pla-Mor Construction will consult with you to provide professional hardscape enhancements to your outdoor havenatting toolbar.



Fencing is required for safety, privacy and in some cases by law. Whether you need an aluminum fence, swimming pool fence or PVC-Vinyl fence, Pla-Mor Construction can provide the entire solution from permits to installation… to suit your requirements.



Pool enclosures allow extended use of your inground pool and spa. Whether you desire aluminum or vinyl, retractable or fixed – Pla-Mor Construction can provide you with an insulated, protected environment to get the most from your investment.